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Notice anything different about us?

Notice anything different about us?

This year we celebrate our 120th birthday and to mark the beginning of a new chapter in our story, we have unveiled a new, updated brand identity to best reflect our history, age and values.

The Shaws of Darwen brand is defined by its authentic British heritage and is recognised globally by its distinctive blue diamond mark. We are deeply proud of our history and careful consideration has been given to bring the branding up to date, whilst retaining our long established identity.

The refresh follows an extensive market research exercise, which we conducted globally to understand the brand perception. Having listened to the feedback we received, we felt the time was right to invest in our brand to deliver more engaging and cohesive brand attributes.

As a business, we continue to flourish and our aim is to remain relevant in ever-changing markets, whilst maintaining our founding principles of quality, integrity and reliability.

We will continue to deliver timeless pieces, which are built to last a lifetime, but being old doesn’t mean you have to be old fashioned and the new brand identity that we have created truly defines the essence of Shaws of Darwen.

Our tone of voice, values and personality have all been refined to help communicate to our markets what makes Shaws of Darwen special in a clear and consistent way, so whether you’re walking into a showroom, looking at a video, or browsing through a brochure, you will know that it is us. Drawing inspiration from the original logo design, created in 1897, our new logo is instantly recognizable and will serve to operate as a mark of quality, across all of the Shaws of Darwen product ranges.

The logo will soon feature on all of our products and brochures and the process to roll this out begins with the launch of our new-look website and social media platforms.

As a Shaws of Darwen customer, you can be rest assured that whilst we have refreshed our look, our character remains the same. These subtle changes simply allow us to use the brand assets more efficiently and effectively to enhance the customer experience and they also allow us to connect better with customers and partners across the globe.

The story of Shaws continues on our social media platforms, so keep an eye on our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @ShawsOfDarwen or join us on Instagram (shawsofdarwenuk) for regular updates and design inspiration.