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A Brief History: Hand Crafting Perfect Fireclay Sinks

A Brief History: Hand Crafting Perfect Fireclay Sinks

Shaws fireclay ceramic sinks have been manufactured in England for 120 years. We've even been working from our Waterside factory in Darwen, Lancashire since 1897!

Working with tradition, the workforce today comprises many family members of the original craftsmen – a trait that is carried down through many generations.

Not only are the workforce a tradition, but the manufacturing techniques use time honoured traditional methods and materials, too. Each sink crafted today is an individual product, bearing testament to the craftsmen who produce them.

Our exclusively produced English made fireclay sinks are not only for domestic use but are commercially used in many applications. We have a wide and varied cross section of products which are used in many buildings including restaurants, hotels, schools, universities, laboratories, hospitals and institutions, to name but a few.

Fireclay is a traditional robust material which can be used in many areas and is designed to withstand heavy use. Our commercial range includes seven sizes of Belfast sinks, four styles of laboratory sinks, practical floor or wall mounted cleaners sinks with stainless steel bucket gratings, plus many others.

All Shaws fireclay sinks are scratch and impact resistant, impervious to acid, alkali and bleach, unlike stainless steel.

The glaze will never become dull over time like enamel sinks, they will keep their durable sheen for a lifetime. Our in-house laboratory regularly check clays and glazes to ensure the highest durability standards are upheld.

To ensure our sinks are safe for every environment, testing of the various ingredients used to manufacture our range of unique sinks is regularly carried out.

The most recent testing proved our glaze to be antibacterial – it was found that Shaws glaze reduced bacterial colonies of E-Coli and MRSA by 99.99% over a 24 hour period and were classified as 'excellent' in this area. Safe to use in every environment.

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