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Due to the handcrafted nature and weight of our sinks, we recommend a specialist kitchen or bathroom fitter installs your Shaws sink. Here are some tips.

A Shaws sink is made from fireclay, a dense clay that transforms into an immensely durable ceramic when fired at high temperature. This makes it much heavier than other ceramic sinks. Our largest sinks are around 80kg – roughly the weight of an average man in the UK. So they need careful handling, and the cabinetry needs to be capable of supporting the weight.

Any kitchen or bathroom benefits from expert installation. High quality products look their best when they are fitted with meticulous attention to detail. Spend time identifying a specialist professional you feel comfortable with. Online review sites can be helpful in forming a shortlist. Judge their understanding of the project just as much as the quote. It may be worth asking to see one of their previous jobs, or talking to a recent customer.

If you are fitting the sink yourself, we have prepared a short video that explains how to prepare and fit an apron-fronted sink. Although we don’t show tap fitting in the video, remember that generally taps and accessories should be fitted prior to the sink, as access is much more difficult afterwards. The same is true of sink overflow kits – most Shaws sinks have overflows, and these cannot be installed after the sink is fitted.

For further advice or technical enquires, please contact our Customer Services team.