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The Beautiful Benefits of Blue

The Beautiful Benefits of Blue

The colours we choose to surround ourselves with are an important factor in how we feel, our mindset and our mood. Colour philosophy is where design and psychology combine to powerful effect. In this first of a series of posts on the subject, we begin by exploring the world’s most popular colour – blue.

Why blue? Well for a start, blue, or more specifically Classic Blue, was chosen as the colour of 2020 by experts Pantone for its ability to evoke peace and tranquillity. Coincidently, Classic Blue has been the Shaws brand colour for 120 years, and historically our brand mark was often referred to as the ‘blue diamond’ by our customers.

Of course, blue describes a wide spectrum of colours. Ranging from pale neutral tints; like the beautifully named ‘'Borrowed Light’, to deep, rich, sultry blues like ‘Hague Blue’ both by Farrow & Ball, the blue spectrum has something for everyone and every room.

Image Credit: Portrait Kitchens


Colour psychology associates blues with calmness, cooling, healing, peacefulness, relaxing, restful, openness, expansiveness, sedation, formality, water, fresh and balancing. These qualities make it a popular choice for relaxing bathrooms and cool kitchens.

Some experts even claim the colour blue can improve your sense of wellbeing, lower your blood pressure and can slow respiratory rate. Research suggests that people with intellectual work, which requires a high cognitive load, are most productive in a blue environment. So if you’re currently working from home you might want to consider redecorating your new kitchen/office to incorporate the calming effects of blue. 

Image: Drew Forsyth & Co


The classic combination of blue and white creates a feeling of freshness and lightness. A crisp white Shaws sink always pops when paired with mid-blue shades like cobalt, indigo or azure blue. A quick search of Pinterest or Instagram returns plenty of examples of how well blue works when applied to a period kitchen like a timeless Shaker, but we’re starting to see it appear within contemporary design schemes more and more. 

Blue combines perfectly with warm earthy tones so it’s no surprise that we are seeing a real trend towards brass, copper and gold brassware across both kitchens and bathrooms. Aged or unpolished finishes with a weathered patina are really ‘on-trend’. These beautifully handcrafted examples available from Perrin & Rowe look stunning, mounted upon crisp white glazed fireclay. This trend is completed by opting for a fluted sink design like our Ribchester and Bowland models that add bold texture to any space.


Darker shades of blue are great for creating moody, seductive spaces, but they need to be used in the right way. Too much dark blue in a room can make it feel darker and smaller than it really is. Adding crisp whites in the form of furniture, work surfaces, accessories and architectural details can help offset the oppressive effects of dark blue.

Interior: Mark Lewis Interior Design / Image: Beth Davis

One thing is certain – when it comes to harnessing the power of blue in your kitchen or bathroom, there are lots of timeless and trendy ways to incorporate this beautifully beneficial colour into your space – so have fun and be creative. And share your results with us!