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Shaws does extreme luxury...

Shaws does extreme luxury...

We all love a bit of luxury now and then

Even when our pockets aren’t always deep enough. Who doesn’t secretly wish they could blow the budget to get the sweet dopamine hit that comes from splashing out on that super-desirable thing of beauty – without selling a kidney, or at least not both of them.

There is a difference between everyday luxury and its lavish extreme. A luxurious kitchen is all about the quality of the experience and the attention to detail. It should function in harmony with your needs and have a calming influence on your stress levels. Both an elegant design and a pleasure to use, every day. Extreme luxury, however, provides an extra layer of decadent gloss. It is laden with lush, extravagant (some might say frivolous) touches that elevate the experience into a whole new sensual stratosphere.

We think Shaws sinks are the world’s finest – have you seen our new bathroom collection, for example – and many of our customers agree. But as a Shaws sink is a relatively affordable luxury, we thought we would share some tips on how to blow your children’s inheritance on more extravagant kitchen finery!

Image credit: Tannery Interiors 

Handcrafted cabinetry.

A hand-made kitchen specified to your precise needs is what most of us consider luxury. We love cabinet makers like DeVol and Plain English who make traditional design-led kitchens, by hand, here in the UK. The next step up is to commission a kitchen entirely to your specification. Like a bespoke suit, the Clive Christian Furniture Company will create a totally unique kitchen personalised to your tastes. Traditional marquetry techniques and exotic materials like mother of pearl, precious metals and hand-dyed leathers, are all part of the package. This highly individual approach suits a bold sink, like the fluted Bowland.

Image Credit: Heather Hungeling Design

Worktops you won’t want to work on.

We have previously waxed-lyrical about how nothing says luxury like a beautifully-marbled stone worktop. We also wrote a guide to getting the right worktop for your kitchen. But for extreme luxury see the 'Fiore di Cristallo' kitchen, by leading designer Claudio Celiberti, whose £58,000 island worktop took more than a year to craft, and is made from pure Murano crystal. Murano crystal is actually Italian Venitian Glass and considered by many to be the finest in the world.

Make a statement with your appliances.

Just like a Shaws sink, appliances are the workhorse of any kitchen and should be seen as a worthwhile investment. And although we like a Union Jack Smeg fridge or a bright pink industrial-style Dualit toaster, we’re talking about timeless classics, not fashion statements. A traditional Aga stove or a Shaws Belfast Sink, are both true design icons. But if an Aga isn’t extreme enough for you try a £14,000 Lacanche Vezelay Range Cooker for the ultimate one-upmanship.

Image Credit: Treyone Kitchens

Attention to detail

It always makes sense to invest in high quality taps. Brassware is the ornamental jewellery of any kitchen, and eye-catching brassware is an essential detail when creating an extremely ’lush’ look. Founded over 40 years ago in London, Perrin & Rowe forge distinctive and luxurious brassware that can be found in luxury hotels like The Savoy and Claridges. Their handcrafted taps like the Minoan Range are available in most finishes, but why not take it to the extreme and go for a 24-carat Gold finish?

Image Credit: Devol

Whatever your taste in luxury – extreme or otherwise, if you decide to choose a Shaws sink in your kitchen we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line, or share your creation with us on social media.