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Shaws Blog… Amazing Hotel Bathrooms.

Shaws Blog… Amazing Hotel Bathrooms.

We look at some of our favourite hotel bathrooms from around the world.

It’s that time of year when many of us like to venture to far-flung dream destinations for our hard-earned Summer holidays. Our annual chance to escape the stresses of our daily lives, spend time with loved ones, or simply treat ourselves to a little luxury.

It seems that the first thing most people do when entering their hotel room is to check out the bathroom. Whether it’s bath size or shape, decor or natural light, or (if you’re lucky) the panoramic view from the tub, an amazing bathroom can transform your experience.

This has inspired us to compile a list of the best hotel bathrooms we have encountered on our travels, or that we would really like to visit. They’ve not been chosen for their square footage or the quality of their taps. We selected these particular bathrooms because of the way they make us feel, and how inspiring they are.

https://shawsofdarwen.com/photos/AmazingHotels/el-fenn10-640x480.jpg,https://shawsofdarwen.com/photos/AmazingHotels/leroyalmonceau.com-640x480.jpg,https://shawsofdarwen.com/photos/AmazingHotels/el-fenn10-640x480.jpg,https://shawsofdarwen.com/photos/AmazingHotels/vinavik.com-640x480.jpg,https://shawsofdarwen.com/photos/AmazingHotels/pontadosganchos.com_640x480.jpg,https://shawsofdarwen.com/photos/AmazingHotels/laucala-Fiji-640x480.jpg,https://shawsofdarwen.com/photos/AmazingHotels/conrad-maldives-villa-640x480.jpg,https://shawsofdarwen.com/photos/AmazingHotels/viceroy-central-park-640x480.jpg" captions="Image Courtesy of Ponta dos Ganchos|Image Courtesy of Le Royal Monceau Raffles|Image Courtesy of El Fenn|Image Courtesy of Hotel Vik|Image Courtesy of Laucala Island Resort|Image Courtesy of Conrad Rangali Island|Image Courtesy of Viceroy Central Park"]

Ponta dos Ganchos, Brazil.

Located on a private peninsula, surrounded by a fisherman village on Brazil's south coast, Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort was voted Best Hotel in the Americas and has been ranked among the Top 10 hotels in the World for service and quality. Situated a short distance from Rio de Janeiro where a ridge of Green Mountains run down to the clear water of the Emerald Coast, three little islands meet a stunning white sandy bay. The bathrooms in the beautiful bungalows are all about the panoramic vista of the sea. The bathtub sits by the window like a little white boat bobbing around on the horizon in your own private ocean. What could be more relaxing than that?

Le Royal Monceau Raffles, Paris.

To step inside the bathroom in the Royal Monceau Suite at this Parisian Hotel is like stepping inside a diamond. A voyeuristic dream, with its endlessly repeating, infinite views of yourself, reflected in every surface. Ever since 1928 it’s been a regular hangout for the world’s most inspirational people. Winston Churchill, President Eisenhower, Ray Charles, French novelist Joseph Kessel, Walt Disney, King Farouk of Egypt, the Aga Khan, Madonna, Robert de Niro, Lou Reed and Sofia Coppola have all have bathed in this Parisian Jewel of a hotel. Playful, cultured and elegant, the Royal Monceau Raffles Paris has got that “je ne sais quoi”, which means it has to be on our list.

El Fenn, Morocco.

El Fenn is a traditional Moroccan riad with cool courtyards, peaceful pools, a hamman and a beautiful rooftop in the city centre of Marrakech. The hotel is a vibrant explosion of beautiful colour clashes, with each of the 21 suites a unique distillation of both modern and traditional Marrakech. And, although each suite is styled very differently, the unifying theme here is colour, and lots of it. Bold colours envelope elegant, generously-proportioned bathrooms, where rough turquoise walls meet decorative red ceilings. The stylish luxury hotel is filled with Moroccan crafts and modern British Art, making it the ultimate place to stay in Marrakech for colour-loving creative types and hip travellers. 

Hotel Vik, Chile.

This modernist hotel in the idyllic Millahue Valley is two hours south of Santiago. Where infinity pools meet infinite views, the floor-to-ceiling windows frame the dramatic backdrop of Andean landscapes and the owners’ vineyards that carpet the valley. The themed suites are individually designed by Chilean and international artists with each bathroom designed to soak in the views as you soak in the tub. Book the Vik Suite to experience the world's first carbon-fibre hammock bathtub by design pioneers Splinter Works.

Laucala Island, Fiji.

The extremely tranquil Overwater Villa at Laucala Island is all about the location. Situated over the emerald-green waters it allows guests to maintain a sense of isolation. The villa is the most luxurious accommodation available at this private-island resort in Fiji. The indoor/outdoor bathtub is hand-carved from a single block of local wood, and the outdoor shower continues the one-with-nature experience. It’s personal paradise personified.

The Muraka at Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives.

The Muraka residence was celebrated by Time Magazine as one of the 'World's Top 100 Greatest Destinations in 2018'. The idyllic island paradise feels a lifetime away from the outside world. A triumph of modern design and technology, this architectural marvel sits above and below the surface of the Indian Ocean. The bathroom provides a panoramic underwater view of the coral and marine life as you brush your teeth (yes, really). The large glass walk-in shower creates the feeling that you really are one with the sea. 

Le Méridien Central Park, New York.

We know that many NYC hotels have a great view of Central Park, but not many will have a better one from the shower. Suite 57 on the 28th-floor has made the park view the hero of this bathroom, whether you’re lathering up in the very generously sized shower, or brushing your teeth at one of the beautiful undermount sinks sat beneath excessive amounts of luxurious marble. The floor-to-ceiling windows really make you feel like you’re floating over the park in a bathroom shaped hot-air balloon.

If there is an amazing hotel bathroom you love, we would really like to hear about it.

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