Shaker Kitchens. Shaken Up.

A true Shaker kitchen, with handcrafted cabinetry and meticulous attention to detail, has timeless appeal. Classic design always adapts to contemporary trends and we’re seeing the Shaker style in new, exciting forms.

There is now an appetite for rich, deep colours in the kitchen. Shaker cabinets in striking blues, greys, greens and even black, create a bold statement - often with interiors painted in contrasting hues. Farrow & Ball have a stunning range of sophisticated paint colours, all of which perfectly complement the Shaker style. At Shaws, we particularly like Down Pipe and Hague Blue, which are intense but slightly muted, luxurious but refined. Many kitchen companies offer a hand-painted service to achieve that personal and individual finish. 

To set off this colour palette, choose taps with a gold, bronze or antique brass finish to provide warmth and contrast. Perrin & Rowe’s collection of country taps offer an unfussy traditional style that enhances the striking appearance of a Shaws sink within a Shaker kitchen.

Where Shaker principles have really been abandoned is in the choice of work surfaces, which are now opulent and glamorous rather than modest and simple. With marble making a comeback we are not only seeing it installed on countertops but also splashbacks, creating an extravagant explosion of colour and pattern. Carefully chosen accessories should add a further touch of luxury and opulence.

The UK is home to some fantastic handmade kitchen companies who, like Shaws of Darwen, value traditional skills and experience. We work closely with many of them. One example is DeVol Kitchens, whose beautiful range of kitchens and furniture always inspire us. They are especially strong on Shaker design, and it’s worth browsing their website for ideas.

To complete the look you will, of course, need a Shaws fireclay sink. A 19th century Shaker cabinet maker would appreciate its unique qualities: a simple, practical yet elegant design, made with skill and care using natural materials and traditional manufacturing methods. A Shaws sink shares both the Shaker aesthetic and their ethos. Any will work in a Shaker-inspired kitchen, but why not start with either our Shaker Single or Shaker Double sink?

Is this reinvention of the Shaker style set to stay? Our friends in the kitchen industry believe it will become increasingly popular over the next few years. Whatever happens, an investment in a high quality Shaker kitchen will pay dividends in pleasurable use for years and years to come and will never be out of fashion.