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Get the look – New England Beach House.

Get the look – New England Beach House.

Wake up with that by-the-sea bounce in your step every morning.

With limited travel options this Summer it’s looking likely that many of us will again turn to staycations and local luxury, rather than lavish long-haul, for a much-needed break. With a positive mindset this can be a great alternative – not necessarily a compromise, rather a break from the norm. A chance to rediscover and fall in love with the beautiful coastal towns we have dotted around our unique island.

If you can’t get away at all, why not bring the bright and breezy feel of the traditional beach house into your own home? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up with that by-the-sea bounce in your step every morning?

Image Credit – Maree Homer Photography (via Victoria & Albert)

We know many of you reading this will be picturing the overpriced and undersized beach huts found at many traditional English seaside resorts. As charming as these are, what we are actually talking about is the far more luxurious aesthetic found in the interiors of New England beach houses in Northeast America.

Image Credit – Light Locations

The New England or Colonial style is hugely popular and considered to be the ‘traditional’ American style. Heavily influenced by the Shakers who settled across much of New England during American colonisation. Their homes were sparsely decorated with functional minimalist furnishings. Over time this look evolved, as Dutch and English settlers added their gilded Georgian heirlooms into this otherwise pared-back style. 

The modern version of the New England style no longer considers ornamentation and decadence to be a distraction. In fact, the simple but luxurious style is what makes it such an attractive aesthetic.

Get the look

The signature sun-bleached look of a New England beach house comes from dark wood floors and whitewashed walls, creating a sense of calming tranquillity. This painted wood effect is often implemented throughout the home, but especially in the kitchen and bathroom. The functional Shaker-style kitchens typically feature peg rails, open-shelving, handmade baskets, ladder-back chairs and a robust, rustic, dining table. The simple wooden kitchen cabinetry, which typically features a Shaker or under-mounted sink, is painted in neutral colours and has a well-weathered patina. Softly coloured linens, waffle cottons and faux-fur rugs bring a softness to the whole. Throw in a few chunky cable-knit throws for a cool summer evening around the fire pit, and it’s as New England as a Ralph Lauren sweater vest.