Get the look… Hygge Home.

Hygge is the artform of creating intimacy.

Hygge (or ‘Hoo-ga’ as it is pronounced) was originally a Norwegian term for wellbeing. This tranquil way of living is far more than just interior design, it’s a way of life and a state of mind. In fact, it encompasses all aspects of lifestyle. 

But what makes a home hyggeligt (Hygge-like)? The Danes will tell you it’s all about creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home to help you relax and switch off from busy life. Curling up under a blanket, on the sofa, with a good book, a log fire and a warm drink is as Hygge as you can get. You might also relax in a hot tub with the bathroom lit by scented candles.

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How to Hygge Your Home.

The humble candle, the heavy wool blanket, a crackling log fire, all pay Hygge homage to the simpler, more satisfying life we once lived. 

Communal Kitchens.

A Hygge kitchen isn't about elaborate dinner parties. A Hygge gathering is rather more relaxed and informal. It’s all about simple, wholesome, comfort food cooked with the help of your loved ones. In Hygge, the kitchen is most definitely a communal space, where friends and family share moments together around the kitchen island, preparing meals or baking sweet treats. A Hygge kitchen embraces traditional values of craftsmanship and quality materials. A wood-burning stove, a traditional fireclay sink (we suggest one of our decorative Ribchester Sink for the ultimate Hygge style) along with weathered brass taps and solid wood work surfaces, are all very 'hyggeligt'. 

Group Dining.

As you would expect, Hygge is best enjoyed with friends. The Danes fill the long winter nights with frequent hyggeligt gatherings of friends and family by the fireside drinking Gløgg (Scandinavian mulled wine) along with comforting food. Investing in a large dining table is a great way to encourage Hygge in your home. Spend time cooking dishes together that can be eaten informally as a group. Try Scandinavian Seafood Stew, the scent of this seafood stew as it simmers on the stove will bring back every outing you’ve ever had to the sea. Tear into the rustic bread, dip a piece in the creamy white wine sauce, and let the juice dribble down your chin. Now that is Hygge.


The simple flicker of a candle (preferably scented) is considered one of the most fundamental Hygge moments. Danish candle brand Skandinavisk was founded by two English chaps who fell in love with two blonde Scandinavian girls and never left. They’ve even created a Hygge fragrance with notes of brewed tea, baked strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint.

Soft Furnishings.

Cosy, warming interiors are all fundamental to a hyggeligt home. Heavy blankets, chunky knit cushions, faux fur throws and fluffy woollen rugs all create that essential essence of cosiness. Made from the softest materials like merino wool or cashmere, tactile accessories are a Hygge must-have. Layer different textured surfaces to create a Hygge look in any room and combine with a roaring fire or soft candlelight, for ultimate cosiness.

Displaying Memories.

Hygge is all about life’s little pleasures. Reminding yourself of the simple things that make you happy can be very satisfying. Displaying your favourite photographs or things you have collected from your travels helps to reflect on what’s important. A gallery wall with lots of images is a great addition to any Hygge room, but scattering lots of little memories throughout your home will have a similar effect. Another Hygge tip is to simply display all the books you have read around your home - as these often spark conversations with guests at gatherings.

Log Fires.

The calming properties of a real fire should not be underestimated. The tantalising flicker of a dancing flame has an amazing warming effect on the soul as much as a room. The way the light from a wood burner transforms the atmosphere of a room is magical. It’s instant Hygge, and its cosiness is immediately satisfying. Esse have an amazing selection of 'hyggeligt' wood burners.

Wonderful Wood.

Wood plays a huge part in Hygge. Wooden floors are common, often white washed or left natural to create a forest retreat look. Wooden worktops make a kitchen cosy and rustic. Wicker baskets filled with freshly chopped logs bring the outdoors, in. Simple Danish wooden furniture is often scattered throughout Hygge homes and is revered for its classic timeless style.

Hygge Inspiration.

If you want to be inspired by cosy interiors, salivate over wholesome plates of comforting food, or just satisfy your wanderlust with some beautiful images of Danish life, look up #hygge on Instagram and you’ll find over four million posts with people sharing everything from a hand-knitted bedroom throw, to a picture of a friend sharing their favourite Hygge moments.

If you want to embrace Hygge immediately, simply sit down and relax with your favourite hot drink, taking longer than than usual to enjoy the moment. It’s amazing how much life will slow down around you there and then...