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From less than £60.00

Whilst the festive season is upon us, the time to start thinking about home renovations and interior inspiration is just around the corner. Whether you need to accessorise your kitchen or update those finishing touches to accent your kitchen style - here’s our take on presents for the heart of your home…

1. Basket Strainer.

Crafted with the highest grade stainless steel, our handmade basket waste kits add the finishing touch to any of our design classic, fireclay sinks. Featuring a ceramic indices and the timeless Shaws insignia, the basket strainer is not only perfect for catching waste, but also complements your wider colour scheme. Available in a range of finishes: chrome, nickel, gold or antique bronze.

Priced at £63.00

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2. Sink Grid.

Our Embellishments have been designed with care, to perfectly complement our range of handcrafted sinks, and these sink grids provide extra assurance for your investment. They come in a range of sizes to suit your sink preference, adding some additional contrast between the smooth white of a Shaws sink against the polished finish of stainless steel. You can also grab a saving of 25% when purchased with a sink.

Priced at £145.00

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3. Fluted Drainers.

Our fluted drainers work in perfect harmony with a Shaws sink. Durable and handmade from the same quality fireclay, our drainers are designed for heavy use and are available in two sizes.

Price at £270.00

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4. Mini Sink.

Can’t get enough of your handcrafted Shaws sink? Then why not complement your full-size finest sink with a mini version - perfect for housing cloths, hand wash, soap, or scourers in a tidy yet quirky fashion. We love their miniature charm!

Priced at £19.00

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5. Sink Repair Kit.

Whilst our fireclay resists chips, scratches and stains better than any other material - accidents can happen. Our sink repair kit includes everything you might need - after all our sinks are designed to last a lifetime… so yours may well be the product of a generation passed down through the years - keep it looking spick and span.

Priced at £38.00

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6. Accessory Bundle.

Who doesn’t love a great bundle of accessories? Ours comes with a small rubber mat, mini sink, E-Cloth, tea towel, Astonish cleaner and a luxury hessian shopping bag. Everything you might need to care for your treasured Shaws sink. 

Priced at £51.00 or completely free with every new Shaws sink you purchase.

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Planning a bathroom update in 2019?

If you already enjoy your Shaws kitchen sink and you’re planning a renovation in the new year, then you might like to know that we’re launching a great new range of bathroom sinks in 2019. There’s a new demand for distinctive products that have authenticity and integrity. And fireclay produces the most durable of ceramics – heat, impact and stain resistant – which makes it ideal for the bathroom. 

Lots of our customers have been installing our kitchen sinks in their bathroom for many years, and sending us photos to show us how fabulous they look. So, we think it’s time for Shaws to launch a bathroom range - you can find out more here.