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Choosing Brassware for your Shaws sink

Even the most beautiful designer dress doesn’t look its best on everyone. The same is true of brassware, it’s a question of which design is most appropriate for what sink? We highlight some of our favourite combinations from 2021.

We believe our sinks are the finest in the world, with each handcrafted design as beautiful as the other.

Our sinks now come in many different forms as we have expanded our range to suit the ever-changing design tastes of the last century. With styles now ranging from a meter-wide Double Bowl to the more compact Aysgill (a small round bathroom sink inspired by Victorian-era washbowls), there are endless tap and sink combinations.

A great tap – or faucet for our friends over the water – should be that eye-catching bit of sparkle that completes the look. Similar to the way an expensive watch or necklace would draw the eye in a fashion context. But, just like fashion, not all shoes go with all outfits, there is an element of understanding involved. We are not referring exclusively to style or taste, it is a case of choosing the appropriate size, proportions, and balance, and maybe even a touch of good old-fashioned common sense. Quite often the same tap in two different finishes will best suit two very different looks.

Our Shaws sinks, although distinctive, are actually very versatile and complement various design styles spanning both period and contemporary. They can work equally well in a Victorian scullery, as much as a New York loft, and everything in between. This versatility is down to their simple form, but also their ability to hold their own next to even the most ornate brassware designs.

We wanted to share some of our best-loved sink/tap combinations that you can use to create various looks. There are thousands of different combinations that would work just as well, these are simply a small selection of our favourites.

Classic Country Kitchen.

As much as this extremely popular look is really suited to our most iconic sink – the Belfast. We love the way the fluted apron of our Bowland sink contrasts the simplicity of the painted Shaker cabinetry. It is matched beautifully with a traditional pair of Mayan Deck-Mounted Taps with Cross-top Handles by Perrin & Rowe, creating an interesting twist on a timeless aesthetic that will never go out of date.

Modern Country Kitchen.

This look works for us because it uses a Shaker sink, but not a Shaker-style kitchen. The cabinetry has a similar utilitarian simplicity to the Shaker style but is more stripped back with its plain, handleless cabinets and raw wood finish. The industrial elegance of the Armstrong Bridge Mixer Tap and cool black marble worktops complete the evolution of the country style.

Industrial Loft Living.

A big open-plan loft space with a large open kitchen needs interesting details and focal points to prevent the decor from getting lost in the vast space. The Bowland sink with its fluted detail to the front apron will certainly catch anyone's eye when set alongside the rugged red brick walls often found in the converted former industrial buildings that are the standard of loft living. The polished brass finish on the wall-mounted Ionian Tap with cross-top handles is a clever way to elevate the loft look by adding a touch of luxury.

Luxurious London.

Perfectly suited to a Georgian villa with a classical ornate kitchen, our luxurious Edgworth sink with its generous double bowl configuration, feels most at home here. Like many of the traditional London townhouses so prevalent in our capital, this elegant spacious sink has a very luxurious feel. When paired with a classical Perrin & Rowe Provence Sink Mixer with lever handles and a  deck-mounted soap dispenser it creates a sense of luxury fit for a king.

Standard Shaker.

As possibly the most prevalent kitchen design, the humble Shaker kitchen has almost become the universal standard for kitchen design. Our simple austere Shaker sink is suited perfectly to a kitchen with the same philosophy, and similarly brassware. However, our Double Bowl sink, when paired with an aged brass Athenian Sink Mixer from Perrin & Rowe, provides an alternative that successfully differentiates this timeless staple of kitchen design from all the other period-correct Shaker kitchens out there.

Whichever Shaws sink you choose, our friends at Perrin & Rowe will have a tap to suit your personal taste. They have eight stunning finishes for all their brassware, including Chrome, Nickel and Pewter, Gold and English Bronze, along with three living finishes Polished Brass, Satin Brass, and Aged Brass. Deliberately unlacquered, these brass finishes will take on a unique patina over time and are becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of kitchen designs.. You can also browse our Instagram page for a world of inspiration.