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Bring in the sunshine!

Bring in the sunshine!

Our journal this month has the goal of bringing warmth and positivity into your life! So, in this edition we want to talk about yellow. In almost all cultures and faiths around the world, yellow is associated with the sun and its life-sustaining energy. It reflects the optimism that comes with the sun rising on a new day. In many ways, yellow is the perfect antidote to the darkness of the current global situation, that sees many of us suffering from the effects of social isolation and separation. We think yellow is sometimes underrated - it has a cheery sliding-scale of happiness that spans pale pastels to vibrant acidic tones. Read on to find which ‘yellow level’ might give you the Serotonin kick that suits you and your room...

Far from mellow yellow.

According to colour experts, yellow is essentially sunshine in a tin. Like the sun, it stimulates our nerves, glands, and brain, and makes us more alert and energised. Yellow boosts our memory and encourages communication. It’s a colour that promotes activity and interaction. Try opting for richer, warmer tones like Mustard or Citrine, which are very on-trend for 2020/21. They can be beautifully paired with paler or more anthracite grey tones to adjust the vibrancy of the room. 

Image Credit: British Standard Cupboards

Yellow kitchens have always been popular in warmer European countries and the Middle-East. Babouche by Farrow & Ball is a great example of an exotic warm yellow. Its name is taken from the distinctive colour of the leather slippers worn by men in Morocco. For an equally exotic Moroccan-inspired splashback in your bathroom or kitchen, try these Acid Yellow glazed terracotta tiles by London Encaustic

If you really want to make a statement in your kitchen you could always go for a bright yellow glazed Lava Stone worktop with an under-mounted sink like the one used by master cabinet makers KBH of Copenhagen, in this kitchen in Frederiksberg, Denmark. You can always add warmth by swapping your chrome brassware for gold or brass to give your Shaws sink that added sprinkling of luxury.

A cautionary tale.

Bright yellow really catches your eye and grabs attention, which explains why it is used for hazard warning signs all over the world. 

Yellow can be overpowering and should be used with caution as we all know you can sometimes have too much of a good thing. A useful tip is to avoid pairing yellow with black unless you are looking for a bold, industrial Haz-Mat vibe!

Pop to perfection

Nothing pops like yellow. The sun against the blue sky, beautiful buttercups scattered on a lush green lawn or last night's Chicken Tikka on a fresh white tablecloth. When it comes to colour-pop, yellow really cuts the mustard. 

Some may love the vibrancy of yellow kitchen units, others may prefer simply to position a bowl of Amalfi lemons on their grey granite worktop for a pop of Italian sunshine. Even a bunch of daffodils on your windowsill above your Shaws sink will give you a natural hit of yellow, or just a reminder of a wild weekend in Wales whilst washing the dishes. 

Image credit: Devol Kitchens

Equally, opting for a yellow-tiled splashback, yellow towels or yellow flowers will give you that pop of colour that is less ‘all-in’ than installing yellow kitchen units.

A yellow room will bathe you and your family in perpetual sunshine, bringing warmth and light into your day. As satisfying as the golden yolk oozing from a perfectly cooked egg...

If you have used yellow in your kitchen or bathroom with a Shaws sink, share it with us on Instagram we’d love to see it!