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2020 –  The great indoors or the big chill?

2020 – The great indoors or the big chill?

Many of you are probably reading this thinking 2020 is a year best forgotten, but some of the changes it has imposed are likely to be permanent. With many of us spending a lot more time in the comfort of our homes we discovered new ways to live in our homes. New ways to communicate with each other, new ways to entertain ourselves and new ways to embrace the great indoors. 

The kitchen was at the heart of all things good about lockdown. Trends like the kitchen-office, back-to-baking, healthy (and not-so-healthy) eating and cocktail-making emerged and saw us spending more time in the heart of our homes. It also saw us spending more time with our sinks, mainly due to the increase in hand-washing. As a nation built on a good cuppa, it was no surprise to see growing demand for Boiling Water Taps.

Image Credit: Sustainable Kitchens

Growing bored of staring at the same four walls and feeling the need to impress colleagues on Zoom calls, home working has driven people to change their surroundings to better suit their new situation. In fact, 1 in 6 home workers admit to customising their backgrounds in their homes or rearranging belongings and furniture before a video call.

Several of our Journal entries this year discussed how the colours you choose in your home can affect your mood and general wellbeing. Blue, green and yellow were all found to have a positive effect. We also looked at the appeal of ‘the white house’, exploring homes without colour.

Image Credit: Boyd Furniture 

The lack of outdoor freedom also encouraged more people to embrace natural or raw materials and indoor gardening in an attempt to bring the outside world in. We looked at more sustainable ways of living to help us consume and waste less, and bring benefit to the planet.

Image credit : Light Locations

With a rise in anxiety and mental health issues during the pandemic we shared suggestions on how to turn the lockdown into ‘the big chill’. Whether practising Niksen (the ultra-trendy Dutch art of doing nothing), relaxing with a glass of wine, a good book, or a night of Netflix and, well, you know. We all found our own way to embrace the new normal that was 2020. 

According to market research experts Nielson, nearly three-quarters of people said that working from home offered them a better work-life balance and made them feel more connected to their local community. More than half say they would prefer to continue home working after the pandemic. It looks like we are only going to see even more love for the great indoors as we leave this extraordinary year behind.