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10 things to do in your kitchen during lockdown

10 things to do in your kitchen during lockdown

Without wanting to state the obvious, it does seem that most of us will be spending the majority of our time at home for a little while longer. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite things to do in your very own ‘bakehouse’ to help keep a positive, healthy mindset. For us at Shaws, the kitchen is always the heart of the home.

1. Spread the baking love

Baking is the lockdown trend that almost everyone is in on. At its peak, Bake Off ratings hit 9 million, so it’s fair to say we Brits love a good bake. Limited only by your imagination, baking is also a great way to release any creative frustrations. Experiment, try something completely new. If you’re a parent, why not teach the kids, or maybe it’s about time your partner learnt how to bake a loaf of bread? Now is the time to nurture your Sourdough starter.

There are thousands of online recipes, courses and even masterclasses. We love the social media baking community, Bread Ahead, who are providing fabulous live baking tutorials via IG Live everyday at 2pm - you can follow them here. And if getting hold of flour is proving difficult, these recipes without flour from Olive are a great idea!


Image Credit: Sustainable Kitchens

2. Lift your spirits with a bit of Mixology

The current situation might be enough to drive anyone to drink, but do you know your Margaritas from your Mojitos? If you’re bored of the same old tipple and fancy getting creative, why not lift your spirits with a bit of ‘Mixology’, the art of cocktail making. You can find all the classic cocktail recipes online quite easily, but we like to use the Mixel app, which is free to download on the App Store. It’s packed full of great cocktail recipes for all tastes. And for those of you who prefer not to indulge, there are some great non-alcoholic ‘mocktails’ to explore too.

3. Missing the club scene

Once you’ve got your Margarita’s at the ready, why not tune into some Manchester Hacienda classics? United We Stream Greater Manchester is an online initiative from the city’s night time venues that have been forced to close in the national effort to protect lives and the NHS. It broadcasts a diverse blend of entertainment and creative content on one free online platform every Saturday. Streaming live DJ-sets, live music and live performances, it has something for everyone to enjoy while we all spend more time indoors. Viewers can pay what they feel for a virtual ticket with proceeds going to worthy causes.

With interviews from Manchester’s music scene and full on raves in the kitchen - it’s a great idea to lift the nation’s spirits! Find out more here.

4. Less news, more podcasts

For those of you who are new to Podcasts, they’re a great way to learn, laugh or be inspired whilst doing any of the other things on this list. Think of them as radio content that you control, whilst taking a break from the news.

Did you know there are over 1 million podcasts available online? From branded content to expertise and economics, there are literally millions of episodes to choose from and there’s absolutely something for everyone. The TED Radio Hour has inspirational talks from the world's greatest minds. There’s also the very funny, and very fitting, Locked Together, which eavesdrops on socially distant chats between the great and good in lock-down; including Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. It's on Audible, but free if you create an account.

5. A little Less Wicks, MUch more twists!

In a similar fashion to podcasts, music is a great way to help maintain a positive mindset and lift your mood. If you’re finding the 9am PE lessons with Joe Wicks too taxing, then why not create a lockdown playlist and dance away whilst doing the dishes at the kitchen sink - burning some calories at the same time? You’ll find plenty of inspiration and playlists at Spotify - just search ‘lockdown’ to find the tunes that make you smile.

6. Comfort food from outside the comfort zone.

Research shows that half of Britons eat the same meal at least twice a week, and most of us repeat the same five recipes. So tonight why rummage in the cupboard and dig out that recipe book you got for Christmas five years ago and teach yourself (and maybe even the kids) some new tasty tricks. Or try apps like Tasty, Epicurious or Youmiam to provide instant online inspiration. Add a theme to family meals to make them more interesting. Go for fun ideas that lift your mood and if it works well, you could try a World Tour Week - cooking a different cuisine each night!

Image Credit: Rockliffe & Co

7. Less whine, more wine

Many of us have joked about seeking comfort in a glass (or two) of wine recently. And whilst we recommend you drink responsibly, we would also advise you to take more interest in what you’re drinking. You don’t need to know about the ‘terroir’ of the Burgundy region to benefit from knowing more about wine. A little knowledge can go a long way and knowing why you prefer a Cab-Sav to a Shiraz will enhance your experience when drinking and buying new wines. Virgin Wines are still offering nationwide delivery with both traditional and new world wines available, or check out this list of exceptional local wine merchants compiled by the Three Wine Men blog.

Image credit: Granada Construction

8. indulge in interior inspiration

We’re spending more time looking at the inside of our homes than ever before, and perhaps the flaws are becoming too great to ignore? Now is the time to plan a new kitchen or bathroom. Many showrooms are still operating their design services, so you can steal a march before they reopen their doors. If you need somewhere to start, try our library of design blogs here.

9. new week, new blooms. 

There is nothing like flowers to instantly lift your mood, or someone else’s. The very popular letterbox flower delivery service, Bloom & Wild have launched a ‘Digital Flower Hour’ on their Instagram at 11am every Friday. You’ll be able to watch one of their florists give a flower masterclass. Catch up on what you’ve missed so far here.

We know our customers love sharing pictures of blooms in our famous Butler sinks - in particular pinks always look rather fabulous! If you fancy trying your hand at some flower arranging then please share on Instagram and tag @shawsofdarwenuk.

Image credit: Ondaisyhilldrive

10. make your kitchen feel brand new

If boredom really starts to take a grip, even cleaning the oven might start to sound appealing. And with hygiene being front of mind for all of us, a thorough kitchen clean is actually a great idea. The Mrs Hinch phenomenon has seen many of us reach for the Zoflora and embrace the self-satisfaction of a deep clean! In case you didn’t know, a Shaws sink has an 'Excellent’ classification for hygiene, and there are cleaning tips provided in our owner's care guide. It comes with every sink purchased, but can also be downloaded here

If you already own a Shaws sink, and have some in the cupboard, then a little Astonish on any minor scuff marks works wonders. You might even want to treat your kitchen to a Shaws Accessory pack, including a mini Shaws sink, a tea towel and a bottle of Astonish.

If you found any of our recommendations useful, or would like to suggest more, then make sure you share on social and tag us!